Welcome to FaceX Implants, the forefront of the artistry of facial implantology, nestled in Bern, Switzerland. Our team of expert surgeons, designer and researchers is passionately devoted to the highest quality and aesthetically most pleasing design of face implants. 

At FaceX Implants, we intertwine the elements of design, surgery, and science to craft a spectrum of personalized facial surgeries that harmonize with your distinct aspirations. Whether you seek subtle refinement or a profound transformation, we pledge to deliver exceptional results that transcend your expectations.

custom jaw angle implant

Beautiful and permanent jaw angle and neckline with most innovative implants

Customized jaw angle implants based on safe biomaterials

bimax with jaw angle implants

Combining face implants with orthognathic surgery

Restoring symmetry and harmony to facial features through expert surgical intervention.
Creating lasting transformation

Creating lasting transformation

Crafting transformative facial outcomes through innovative procedures and meticulous surgical artistry.

Facial Sculpting Expertise

Facial Sculpting Expertise

Exquisite facial surgery techniques creating natural-looking contours and balanced proportions.
Rejuvenating Facial Appearance

Rejuvenating Facial Appearance

Revitalizing faces and turning back time through targeted surgeries and precise facial implants.
Customized Supraorbital implant

100% Tailor made implants to achieve your desired look

Customized supraorbital implant in combination with infraorbital implants to achieve the hunter eyes look with sharply defined contours

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